Tilburgse Schouwburg Promenade

The Brainstorm

It started with an invite to intrige to brainstorm about the Schouwburg Promenade. I have shown with my previous work that im not only a photograper but also someone that brings idea's, makes concepts and make it work. They gave me schouwburg promenade in Tilburg. I did my homework about Tilburg and found willem II. A guy who loved Tilburg and helped it with economic growth. So the Idea developed with pieces of his history bound with Tilburg.

Drawing+ reading

After the brainstorm i went in to the Library and got all the books i could find about Willem 2. I have read 5 books about him and his wife Anna Paulowna. The most remarkable pieces of history i got out of the books. Even when there was no t.v. or gossip magazine's for famous people back then. The King and queen where the famous people to gossip about.

The Process

The project had three different clients with three different needs. The clients were the shopping mall, the council and the theatre. I tried to combine all there views into one style. The story of willem II was ideal for this. The flower shop has the picture of willem II depicted during the commemoration of waterloo. Flowers are thrown around him. The backpacking store shows Willem II and Anna holding their travel bags. They used to travel frequently to Tilburg, Brussels, The Hague and Moskou. At the hearing aids store I placed a picture of Willem II with two ladies gossiping behind him.
Intrige who is the advertising agency that hired me was the middle man who went back and forth to all the clients. Gradually they all said yes to the final drawing


The location was at the theatre in Tilburg

The photoshoot

Waking up at 5 and driving towards Tilburg schouwburg. Everything has been worked out on paper. When we arrived i did to set-up off the lights. Give the hair and make-up vigagist her a space to work in. Do an introduction to the models and everyone else on the set. Give my assistant directions what has to happen. When everything was finally set up; it was a go. 10 pictures in one day. We finished right on time. Everyone happy and pleased. Stress was not an issue i always keep my head cool in those situations.

The Result

The result are 10 huge pictures in front of the shopping mall. They will stay there for 10 years,

The opening

at the opening was the city council member of culture. She opened the new Schouwburg Promenade with a canon shot and a speech

Mooi he!

'Mooi he' (Beautifull hey!) Said an old bystander looking at the pictures. The old guy not knowing i made the pictures gave me the biggest smile.